Theatre Live to launch in all six Nimax venues

If you’re industry you may have already heard, but if not…

Theatre Live has partnered with Nimax Theatres to bring live commerce to the West End.  Audiences at an event with Theatre Live can order concessions, downloads, and physical merchandise directly from their phone.  That means no more queuing, no fiddling around with cash, and no endless waiting outside afterwards – you’ll be able to book your postshow cab or restaurant through the new Nimax app.

In the meantime we recently debuted live commerce for the Broadway community in partnership with NERDS, coming soon to Broadway.  We had a great time working with producers Carl Levin, Vicki Halmos, and Elizabeth Williams, plus creative team Casey Hushion (director) and Hal Goldberg, Erik Weiner, and Jordan Allen Dutton (writers).

The official Nimax launch is coming soon, so watch this space!