Just Like Me

Ben Fankhauser sings “Just Like Me” at WRITE NOW: The Music of Michael Mott.

Lyrics by Michael Mott and Zoe Samuel.

Music by Michael Mott.


Hannah Elless at the Lark Play Development Center 20th Anniversary

Hannah Elless sings “Drawing a Blank” at the Lark Play Development Center 20th Anniversary celebration. Song by myself & Douglas J Cohen. Produced by Bruce Cohen, hosted by Dick Cavett, featuring Sally Field presenting Edward Albee with the night’s key award.

Lark founder John Eisner asked us to write about writer’s block, and after some heavy procrastinating, we did.

A Comedy of Manors

A Comedy of Manors will premiere at the Adirondack Theatre Festival this summer, directed by Benjamin Kamine (Carlyle).



When the old Earl of Whitelingham dies leaving debts in the millions, his family face the unthinkable: they may lose their ancestral home.  Each member of the household has a plan, but the bank is preparing to foreclose and the sinister Sir Henry Cardigan-Fitzporleigh has his own designs on the house.  Can a family steeped in tradition adapt fast enough to survive in a changing world?

If Noises Off happened at Downton Abbey, this would be it.

Tind tickets here.

(Video voiceover by Nick Afka Thomas.)