Ten People You Meet at Every Larp


There comes a time in every LARPer’s life when you go to a game and meet someone who you feel like you know, and yet you are certain you’ve never met before.  Perhaps you knew them in a past life, or they are just a master of cosplay.  More likely, though, you don’t know them.  You’ve just been to enough LARPs that you’ve started encountering certain types repeatedly: the Rules Lawyer, the Cat Lady, the All-Powerful Eastern Assassin.  Every LARP over a certain size contains one or two, and bigger games might have half a dozen.  In truly exceptional cases, you’ll get the full set in a single weekend.  If you recognize the following ten people – and especially if you are one of them – you’ve really arrived as a LARPer.

See the list at LARPing.org.

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