We Are Thomasse

Please enjoy these hilarious videos I produced with one of my favorite collaborators, We Are Thomasse.


Antiques Roadshow

The thrill of discovering just how much your crap is worth!

Evil Tutor

Some teachers are not as good as others… honestly, some of them are just a bit evil.

The Wrong Cinderella 

If the shoe fits… who cares if you don’t recognize her?

Doctor Treating Asides

Ms. Channing has a… let’s call it “unique” problem. Can this Doctor cure her?

Gossip Spy 1

Meet Gareth Farley the world’s most… well… let’s just say… he’s a SPY!

Gossip Spy 3

The  adventures of MI6’s Gareth Farley- the world’s most talkative spy! In this episode we meet the entire chatty team and the new recruit.

Tense Wedding

That awkward moment when the priest asks if anyone objects to the marriage…

Polite Sex

Want to know what British people find sexy?

 Act Like A Limey, Think Like A Yank: Cities
Episode one, “Cities,” visits London and New York through the eyes of an excited tourist, like an episode of Rick Steves… if Rick Steves were an honest millennial.

 Act Like A Limey, Think Like A Yank: Cars

Which is better… driving on the left or driving on the right? Answer: the same as everyone else, depending on which country you’re in! Get the inside track on cars either side of the pond right here.