Cocaine Club

Three years after the legalization of all drugs, cocaine has replaced wine as the snobs’ drug of choice. ┬áThe BBC presents episode 5 of Cocaine Club, with the Hon. Biffy Spiffington-Snortwell, who is here to guide you through the wonderful world of dancing with the white lady herself. Welcome to Cocaine Club.


Episode 1

In the first episode of Cocaine Club, the Hon. Biffy Sniffington-Snortwell introduces us to his favorite cocaine of choice.

Episode 2

The Hon. Biffy Sniffington-Snortwell explores the possibility of a satisfactory domestic cocaine.

Episode 3

The Hon. Biffy Sniffiington-Snortwell teaches us the proper cocaine etiquette in a private home.

Episode 4

The Hon. Biffy Sniffington-Snortwell educates his audience on how to buy cocaine for someone else.

Episode 5

The Hon. Biffy Sniffington-Snortwell explains the proper etiquette for ordering cocaine in a restaurant.